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A day in the life of a socially awkward penguin.

Favourite Flying Pokemon.
I had a hard time deciding for this one too. I'm currently playing through SoulSilver and discovered that my file was just left at the last gym. I also discovered two or three Pokemon from my Diamond file that I thought I had lost forever. (Jirachi, Leafeon, Glaceon, Bulbasaur, Flash(Luxray), and Flyte(Pidgeot))
Anyway, back to this Pokemon.
I loved the movie and actually listened to Lugia's song the whole time I drew this picture, and I just caught him on my SoulSilver file.
He kinda looks like he's crashing into the water instead of flying out. 'orz

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I'm still trucking away at these x.x;
This is my favourite 'mon of all time. This day was actually the hardest to decide, I love all of the fire types and I always choose the fire starters, in the end it came down to Charizard. It's been my favourite the longest and there's just not another pokemon as epic as it.
And I fail at drawing them ^^;

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Favourite Fighting Pokemon - Chesnaught.
When I saw this 'mons final evolution I felt a bit disappointed that I had chosen fire. He is a bit hard to draw, and I had no idea what pose to draw him in. But he's sooo epic.
I'm starting to think that this gen is going to be my favourite.

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(Not sure if it'll show up animated on here or not? But it's here if you want to see him roll around.)

Jigglypuff was my first favourite pokemon, all those years ago when it first came out here.

I was obsessed with Jigglypuff. I made weird little comics in school starring Jigglypuff and Pikachu. (And Pikapuff x.x; )

I always nicknamed mine Mallow.

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This guy. Ever since I played through Pokemon Diamond, I've liked this pokemon.
I had one named Flash (original, I know.) and he was my go to 'mon for battling. He was awesome.
I even used him in an online Pokemon Drawing challange. (UBF)

(Adamant Nature)
(Item held: Choice Band) (Ability: Rivalry)
He is a reserved, calm Luxray. He usually puts off a dark aura and likes to be alone. His moveset is Crunch, Spark, Thunder Fang and Ice Fang.

Then I lost him in the big Pokemon Ranch disaster.
He shall be missed. ;-;

RIP Flash
Level 70

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3 goodra

(I’m a day late D:„ )

I just recently got this pokemon on my X playthrough and I love him <3. I nicknamed mine Googurt. /swt.

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2 - dark
I looked up cute cat pics on google and found this pose. I didn't do it justice though.

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So I saw this thing on Tumblr about Pokedexxy.
I'm going to try to do this every day, to get back into drawing.
I did the first day when I got home from work last night.

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Last night I dreamt I had to help this guy collect trophies. They kept looking at me and scoffing, saying "But she can't help, she's a girl. She won't know what to do." I scowled and we started playing Smash Brothers Brawl and I was playing as Snake. I planted a mortar and the bomb came out of the TV screen and broke the guy's window. Then I woke up.
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(June 24th, 2010 update)

I feel like I should update this post. This journal will hold anything I'm feeling, sadness, happiness, anger, etc; or random dreams that I can remember. I'd like to keep a day to day posting on what happens in my life, because I feel that if I don't record it, it didn't happen :/. I have a horrible memory and I wish that I had kept my old journal up to date, instead of only posting bitchy teenager posts. 
I had a bunch more on this account, but deleted some rants that I thought wasn't really fair for me to post. Also, I had some negative things wrote in one and I don't really want to remember it, myself, because whenever I would reread it, I would get depressed over it again. 

I'd like to hope that I have matured since my old account, seeing as it was made..8? years ago. (Catnipdream if you're interested. You have to be a friend to see the posts though I think.) For the most part, I'll make this journal public, but the posts that are too personal I'll either hide so that only I can see them, or make them friends only.
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